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  1. About primaERP

  2. Account settings

  3. Activities

  4. Activities related to a project

  5. Add a personal signature or stamp

  6. Add your company’s logo

  7. Affiliate Premium Program - how it works

  8. Approve Time records

  9. Clients

  10. Connecting Basecamp

  11. Connecting Google Calendar

  12. Connecting the MS Exchange 2010 Calendar or Office 365

  13. Dashboard

  14. Get primaERP Attendance ready for your team

  15. Have you forgotten your password?

  16. How can the attribute "Beneficial" be used in primaERP-Time Tracking?

  17. How do I add more users to my primaERP / TIME TRACKING account?

  18. How do I assign or remove a role to a user?

  19. How do I change the account address?

  20. How do I change the email address?

  21. How do I copy a project?

  22. How do I create a primaERP / TIME TRACKING account?

  23. How do I create a template in primaERP?

  24. How do I edit the bill?

  25. How do I recalculate the price of the time records?

  26. How do I set the numbering format?

  27. How do I set up the period lock date?

  28. How do I sign in to my primaERP account?

  29. How does Pause Button work?

  30. How does primaERP price a time record?

  31. How to change between modules

  32. How to create and manage bills

  33. How to edit the hourly rate

  34. How to resize the text in primaERP

  35. How to set the hourly rate

  36. How to translate primaERP into an ‘unsupported’ language

  37. I entered a wrong email address. How I can fix this?

  38. I forgot the Web address for my account.

  39. Impulses

  40. Integrate primaERP to your systems

  41. Mobile Apps

  42. Order & payment process in primaERP

  43. Password Security

  44. Personal report

  45. Project panel

  46. Projects

  47. Set up your team!

  48. Settings

  49. Settings

  50. Sign up or log in

  51. Tasks

  52. Teamwork

  53. The Agenda

  54. The application has stopped working and I’m not able to log back in, what can I do?

  55. The Calendar

  56. The Timesheet

  57. Time tracking - Android app

  58. Time tracking module

  59. TIME TRACKING settings

  60. Transfer the account ownership

  61. User configuration

  62. Welcome to primaERP!

  63. What if I don´t receive the activation link?

  64. What is the web address of the account for?

  65. Working within the dashboard

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