Tasks are a specific part of the projects, which involve a series of actions that need to be performed in order to achieve the goals and thus be able to develop the projects.

  1. The importance of Tasks
  2. Create a Task
  3. Concepts of the Create Task windows
  4. The "Beneficial" characteristic
  5. Edit a Task
  6. Difference between Delete and Done options
  7. Delegate tasks

1. The importance of Tasks

They allow us to have a detailed overview of the actions carried out or to be performed in order to complete a project.

2. Create a Task

You can create new tasks using the following procedures:

Method1: From the Project Management

  • Click on the "MANAGE" option in the main menu and choose "Projects" in the sub-menu.
  • You will then see the list of projects, enter the project where you want to create the task.
  • Select the "Tasks" tab.
  • Click on the "+ TASK" button.
  • Click on the " SUBMIT " button to save your changes.

Method 2:Using the Universal Button from the Dashboard:

  • Press the arrow next to the button "TRACK TIME".
  • Click on the " SUBMIT " button to save your changes.

3. Concepts of the Create Task windows:

Name*: Designates a name to the Task.

Project: Assign the task to a Project.

Code: Add a tag to your task, more info here.

Owner: Delegates the task to a project member

Note: Brief information or instructions about the process of the task.

Beneficial: Assign the task as helpful in achieving your goal. 

Plan: Add the hours you plan to spend in the task

Budget: Add a planned budget for the task, note that is available only for billable projects.

* Required field.

4. The "Beneficial" characteristic:

Attributes the quality of beneficial to the task.

If you select the option beneficial, it will affect the results of the beneficialness of the time records which it is assigned to.

On the other hand, if you select the option non-beneficial, the time record created for the task will be automatically considered as "non-beneficial", which means it is not helpful in achieving the goal.

5. Edit a Task:

  • Click on the "MANAGE" option in the main menu and choose "PROJECTS" in the sub-menu.
  • You will then see a list of projects.
  • Enter into the project where the task to be edited is.
  • Click on the “Task” tab and select the task to be edited.
  • Make the required changes and click on the "SUBMIT" button.

Done option

The “Done” option in the “Edit Task” and "Time Record" window indicates that the task is complete.

If this option is not marked, the task will be listed in the Impulses Panel, allowing you to track the time and create time records with the respective task. It is recommended to check this option as soon as the task is finished.

* You can also edit tasks and mark them as complete by using Impulses

6. Difference between Delete and Done options:

Delete: Removes a task from the system but the time records created with this task will remain intact.

It is recommended to remove a task only if you have created it by mistake.

Done: The task is considered as complete. It will simply not be visible in the panel list of impulses, so time records can’t be created, but you will not lose the information.

This option will not affect the time records already created, allowing you to access information of the task or reactivate it at any time.

7. Delegate task:

In primaERP you can have public and delegated tasks. Public tasks will be visible for all your project members.

You can delegate the task by selecting one of the project members in the owner field when creating or editing the task.

In order to quickly track your time, by default you will see only the tasks you are in charge of and the public tasks.

Note that you are also able to see and track time on a task, which is delegated to somebody else. In order to see all the project tasks in the time record, you should press in the "eye" icon, next to the task field.

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